Sunday, 17 June 2012

Eye Bling - Gold

gold eye bling


I thought this was a awesome look for night time: gold eye bling with some browns and bronze!

If you like, read on...

What I used:
makeup used for old eye bling
  •  The good old Urban Decay NAKED palette in SMOG and DARKHORSE
  • Barry M Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in 11 GOLD
  • Rimmel Gel Pot Liner in BLACKEST BLACK
  • Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl  Eyeliner in COCOA BEAN
  • MAC Zoom Lash Mascara in BLACK
brushes used for eye bling gold

  • Eye Rock Glimmer Topaz Crystal Tattoos
  • Urban Decay Brush (within the NAKED palette)
  • MAC 231 Small Shader Brush
  • MAC 219se Pencil Brush
  • MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush 

Remember: Use any colours/brushes you have, this is just an example :)

Got all that?  Lets begin...

Step One
mac brown eyeshadow
Apply your paintpot with the small shader brush over your whole eyelid and under your eye, making a small flick at the end

Step Two
urban decay eyeshadow
Use the shade HALF BAKED with your Urban Decay brush and apply to the inner corner of your eyes, and blend to about 1/2 across the eyelid

Step Three
 blending brush for dark eyeshadow
Apply from DARKHORSE in the outer corner and use the blending brush to blend over your eyelid
Step Four
gel eyeliner
Apply the gel eyeliner across your eyelid, following the natural shape of your eye

Step Five
kohl eyeliner
Apply your kohl eyeliner along your waterline, smudging slightly under your eye

Step Six
eye bling
Cut the eye bling to shape, peel off the backing paper and place carefully on your eyelid, hold down for a few seconds to warm up the adhesive, and slowly peel back.
Use the Barry M gold eyeliner and line just above the black eyeliner, and under the outer corner of your eye. I used the shader brush to sweep over the rest of the bling, to blend it all together
Add lashings of mascara ( or falsies) and.......

gold eye bling
gold eye bling finished look

What you guys think?  I just threw those colours together but you could be creative with it!
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Make your eyes pop!

Gem xxx


  1. This is surprisingly wearable and I didnt think it would be from the first picture! Fab post :) xx

  2. Thank you! I love experimenting, they actually sell the crystals in more colours so I'll need to be more creative next time :)

    Gem x

  3. I really like this look a lot, its very fun and creative :)

  4. I LOVE this - definitely fun for a night out/bachelorette party or even just a girls night in! Great tutorial :)

  5. This is so cute gem! i agree with nikki,u have made something that would normally be a bit scary,wearable! you have inspired me :)
    Tiarni XOXO

  6. It looks great! i would recommend blending a little bit more the eyeshadow under the eyebrow or apply a sheer colorso it creates a fading effect :) great tutorial, keep it up!


    1. Will do next time! I was slightly rushed I admit! Had work the next day booo lol xxx

  7. Wow! This looks amazing :) x

  8. Love this...and I am not usually a fan of glittery eyes. It is a really pretty combination!

  9. This looks amazing! you look a bit like cheryl cole! :) x

  10. Wow you look like a bronzed goddess ! Great look. Just started following your blog x

    Hope you can stop by my blog xxx

    Anika xx

  11. I absolutely love this look! Those colours are so nice, I like how you've done step by step as well. I always think before nights out that I'll go mad and do something different, but once I've put my foundation on, I get scared I'll ruin it as well as having a race with time (timekeeping is NOT a strongpoint!) so I never do anything new. Will definitely refer back to this one :) xx


  12. WOW love this eye look. You are stunning!! What are you wearing on your cheeks?? You got yourself a new follower :)

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  14. Thanks for your gorgeous comment hun!! Loving your blog you absolute beaut!! And this makeup is just stunning!! xxx