Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Inspired by Kristen Stewart - Smokey Eyes

Hiya Everyone

Ok I admit it - I am a Twihard.

I adore the Twilight books, and I enjoy the films, but you don't have to be a fan to admire Kristen Stewart.  

I think she's beautiful, she has her own unique style, she doesn't care about following others, she's her own person (and I love the fact she wears her Converse to film premiers!)

Her make-up is always fantastic, very smokey and smudgy, so I thought I would do my version of her makeup inspired by her look at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

kristen stewart makeup

It's such a beautiful look, so here's what I used for my version:

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup
  • Urban Decay NAKED palate in NAKED,BUCK and CREEP
  • MAC Tartan Tale Dashing Lassie Eye Shadows in A DASHING LASSIE and MAGICAL MIST
  • MAC Eyeshadow in BRONZE
  • MAC Zoom Fast Mascara in BLACK
  • RIMMEL Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in BLACK 
  • RIMMEL Soft Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in STORMY GREY
  • Eylure Katy Perry Eyelashes in Oh Honey!
  • Duo Eyelash Adhesive Glue
kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup
  • MAC 219 Pencil Brush
  • MAC 231 Small Shader Brush
  • MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush
  • MAC 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush
Note: I'm aware the Dashing Lassie palate was Limited Edition, however, any silver grey and white shades will do :)

Lets begin!

Step One

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

 Using a 275 brush I applied the NAKED shade all over my eye for a nice base colour

Step Two

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

Using the 219 brush, I mixed the white and grey shades and applied in the middle of my eyelid

Step Three

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

Using the 219 brush I applied CREEP in the outer corner of my eye, blending to mix with the other shades slightly

Step Four

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

Apply BUCK in the inner corner of your eye with the 231 brush, and across the crease of your eyelid, apply a little more in the outer corner and spread outwards slightly.  Don't worry about it being messy, as you'll be blending it all in

Step Five

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

Blend Blend Blend!

Step Six
kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

 Use the gel eyeliner and fill in over the CREEP shade, to add more depth, then use your 231 shader brush to smudge the eyeliner and blend it more
Step Seven
kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

Using the gel eyeliner, apply a very very thin line from the inner corner, right to your outer corner

Step Eight

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

Apply your grey eyeliner to the waterline of your eye

Step Nine

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup
Use the flat side of a 231 brush and apply BUCK under your eyelid, and join with your outer corner

Step Ten

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup
This look doesn't have really mega full lashes, but I couldn't find any half lash sets that I liked, so I've used Katy Perry Eyelashes and cut them about 3/4 the way across, I used my eyelash applicator and Duo glue 

Step Eleven

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup
 I used MAC Zoom Mascara to blend the false eyelashes into my own, then used my shader brush to apply the bronze eyeshadow over the BUCK colour.

Blend everything together, and here's the final result:

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup
kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup
 kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup
Kristen's Makeup/My Makeup

kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

Hope you guys like the look, its very smouldering, and would go with most eye colours :) Obviously this is just my version of the look, but I like how it turned out

Thanks to everyone has has voted for me, subscribed to me, and commented on my posts, LipglossandCandyFloss has really taken off, and I appreciate the support so much x

Hope you guys try this look out!

Gem x

PS. Non Twilight fans look away now.......
kristen stewart inspired smokey eye makeup

Haha xxxx


  1. That looks so good, I need to try this!

    1. Thank you Tania!

      It would amazing with brown eyes!


  2. The smokey eyes look gorgeous, you look stunning. New follower to your blog :)x


  3. Ooo thats gorgeous! I have never seen one of those eyelash applicators before?! How does it work? Where did you get it from? Xxx

    1. Hiya Nikki

      They sell them in Superdrug, Boots, etc

      They're around £3.00

      You clasp the eyelash into the applicator, then apply the glue, wait for it to become tacky (about 30 seconds) then when you go to apply the eyelashes, you press the applicator down on your eyelid, just above your real eyelashes, and press down gently to bond with your skin, when you release, the eyelashes will have bonded and it makes your eyelash application much for easy than tweezers because it attatches to your eye as one motion.

      Hope that made sense!
      Haha xxx

  4. i love this look, you're so stunning :)
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  5. I love this smokey look & that eyelash applicator looks great! xx


  6. I love this look and I am definitely a Twilight fan!! I agree with everyone and I love the eyelash applicator!

  7. I think yours is better than Kristens! Gorgeous! x


    1. ps just voted for you as best newcomer in the cosmopolitan awards :) x

  8. This is so pretty gem! I think i prefer you'rs!

  9. This is seriously soo pretty!


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  14. Hey! what a great look!!! you did amazingly well with matching the colours and the shape!! i loveeee twilight!! it is amazing hehe!

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  15. Lovely look, its very pretty and
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  19. Beautiful! Great look!

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  21. you are so pretty omg!!! thanks fpr this tutorial :D