Thursday, 6 September 2012

DIY Designer Shoes!


Sorry its been a while, there's been lots going on! I'll be posting even more exciting things soon!

So the other day I was in my usual shopping street (e.g Heathrow Terminal 5 lol!) when I was walking by Kurt Geiger and saw their new shoe display

Ooooo so pretty!

I had a little wander in, and some of the shoes I saw I LOVED

I did not however, love the price, the blue stud flats above will set you back £95.00!!!

So I had a little think, and I thought it would be cool to try and jazz up some of my old shoes, inspired by these beautiful designs.

I went on ebay, and ordered some sheets of crystal rhinestones, you can get them in any colour and size, but I just stuck to clear for this little experiment

I also ordered some gold and silver spikes, which were so cheap, around £7.00 for 50 pieces you'll find loads of different sizes and styles on ebay

The first shoes I gave a makeover to were my £6 nude flats from Matalan, I got some extra hold super glue, cut off the bows, and applied the gold spikes in a kind of large triangle then added a few at the back of the shoe:

Pretty cool eh?

I also tried the rhinestones on an old pair of black heels:

These were easy to apply, you can cut them into strips, or individually apply to create different effects, different colours would look awesome
 For my black flat suede shoes, glue wasn't really an option, but the spikes come with screws, so I carefully got some sharp scissors, and made little holes in the shoe, put the screw in and screwed the spike on - easy!

What you guys think?
 There not quite designer standard yet, but I'm pretty pleased with my first attempts, I've kept the designs basic but I cant wait to try out some more fun and edgy looks!

If you can afford designer shoes then great, but for a fraction of the price, I don't think these look too bad!

Some tips for diy shoes:
  • Make sure you plan how many spikes, crystals etc your going to use, so you don't start, then run out!
  • Use a marker pen to mark out the points your going to be applying spikes etc so you get both shoes looking the same
  • Be extra careful with strong glue and scissors! Don't hurt yourself!
  • Please don't use expensive shoes if your just experimenting, practise on some old ones first before
Hope you guys try this out!



P.S I found two amazing websites: which is designer soles for your shoes, there's loads of different styles and colours - amazing! They look so professional, and, which have amazing designs to dress up and protect the heels of your shoes, which are also amazing I'll defo be trying these out now I feel a bit braver!


  1. ah this is such a nice idea and your shoes look really professional and certainly something I would want to pick up in the high end shops! Will certainly give this a go sometime, good job!

    Love your blog by the way


  2. This is such a good idea, and it seems so simple, i did debate doing it but thought it would be quite tricky,but hey i might just get on ebay and get jazzin' my shoes up!
    Great post! :) x

  3. Wow, I just love your designs! :) I am literally just waiting for payday (tomorrow) to get on eBay and order myself some studs, chains and spikes for customising! I was going to start on clothes but I'm now inspired to give some of my shoes a go too! :) I'll definitely be blogging my DIY shenanigans!!

    Louise x

  4. Wow these are so good you could set up a mini business doing these haha xx

  5. I love the first pair of flats :) They look great xx

  6. I love this post! Loving the flats that you spiked up!
    You picked up exactly the same pairs of KG shoes as I did! I too fell in love with the rhinestone flats......may have to get creative!
    Kelly xx

  7. They look great, brilliant idea :) x

  8. Your new designer shoes look great ^_*

    You did a fantastic job


  9. you did a great job! i put studs on my jeans/shorts.. i haven't tried shoes yet but i will soon! :)

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  11. they look amazing! soo cute and creative!

  12. What immensely pretty womens designer shoes. Their beauty – for me lies not only in their classic shapes and materials but in the fact that they so seamlessly merge function and elegance together.