Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nail Bling!

So I went to good old Salon Services the other day, and came across these gorgeous nail art stickers:

packets of nail bling

This is only five of the eleven styles that are available, there all so unusual, a bit more exciting than your normal nail stickers.

I opted for Silver Gem ( very appropiate! ) to test these out:


Silver Gem also comes in a packet for toes, but after checking the website, they are the only ones that do, which I found quite strange.
bubblegum pink nails
 I first painted my nails in GOSH Bubblegum Pink before I added the bling, just to add a pop of colour. They are just like your regular nail stickers, all you do is line them up, stick them on, and file off any excess - really quick to do.

nail bling close up shot

This was the end result, they didnt look too bad, I did mine in a bit of a hurry, but if you took your time doing it they'd look really fantastic.  They retail on for £7.49, but they're doing a deal of £4.99 until 4/7/12, which is pretty good.  Silver Gem was a nice design, but I think next time I'll go bolder with something more eye catching like Black Jewels =)

Hope you guys enjoyed, please comment and subscribe, I'm going to be posting a lot so it would be great to have some regulars! Haha

Gem x


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    1. Thank you! Just became a member of your lovely blog xxx

  2. I love that! such a sweet idea!

    I just started blogging a couple days ago and would love for you to check out my blog!

  3. They look great! Thanks for subbing to my blog, I have returned the flavour :) nic

  4. These look amazing! Off to order some from Sally's now!
    Loving your blog!!

  5. I love nail stickers I cannot paint my nails for the life of me so it makes it so easy. I am just editing a video now of how I do should be live in a few hours you can find me on youtube my username is gigssama if you would like to follow me.