Thursday, 7 June 2012

Review: Silver Diamante Three 3 Strand Hair Band Choochie Choo

Why hello there and welcome to my brand new blog :)

I wanted to do my first post on a review about a pretty little find I bought a few months ago for a party.
Its a diamante headband by this amazing seller on ebay - Carly, aka ChoochieChoo, her items are handmade and have been worn by the likes of Pixie Lott and The Saturdays - well, if its good enough for them!

diamante headband
It arrives in a cute little bag, perfect for keeping safe if like me, your
jewellery ends up everywhere!

diamante headband

 It took me a minute to realise how to put it on, but once its in place, it looks amazing!
 I got sooo many compliments when I wore it, I felt fantastic!

me wearing headband for party

 ChoochieChoo makes such a variety of pieces, not just headbands, theres everything from bracelets, rings, facinators, earings and loads more. 
I'll definitely be purchasing from her again for my next big event, some of her creations are sooo glamorous, I cant wait! They would be perfect for all the upcoming festivals!
   Carly is selling these babies for £17.99, which is pretty awesome considering the work she puts in to each and every piece, check them out here:

Lets all get glam for summer!
Gem x


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    1. Thank you! And thanks for my first ever comment =)


  2. My Bathroom is a part of shiny, happy people right now.
    Thank you for following!

    That's an amazing piece; puts so many glamour on, you look stunning.

    Have a great day, xoxo.

    1. Haha love it :) Thank you!
      Going to be adding another post in the morning to keep checking back hun :)


  3. That's so cute! I don't think it'd look good on me with a full fringe though :(

  4. yeaaa it could totally work with a fringe, bohemian style xxxx

    or clip it into a side fringe

    google nicole richie headband, you would pull it off xx