Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Oh na na what's my name?


I just wanted to post quick about one of my favourite necklaces, anyone that knows me will tell you I adore anything personalised!  
So many celebrities are sporting the name necklace look, I don't think it ever goes out of trend:

celebrities wearing name necklaces

But here's my lil beauty.....
gem personalised necklace
personalised name necklace

Don't you love it? 
Its from punkypins.com, a quirky little website with lots of cute little treasures like this! The name necklaces start from around £10.00 so its a steal!  You can choose different fonts, colours, so you can have a one of a kind :)

Aww I want to buy more now! Haha!
What you guys think?  Would you wear a name necklace?

Oh na na...
Gem x


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you my dear!

      Your new pictures are adorable btw xxx

      Gem x

  2. Yes I would xx Thanks for your lovely comment over at my blog xx new follower here xx

  3. Love the necklace! I've had a gold one made from my Chav days of when I was younger! 'cringe'! But this looks really cute! :) love it
    Http://throughchelseaseyes.com/ xxx

  4. Thanks for following my blog! That's a lovely necklace! Have followed you as well!

    If you haven't please join my Shiseido giveaway too!


  5. Greate necklace:) invite to my new post:)